Get Recruited!
With a Varsity HD skills video.

Get Recruited!

A professionally produced recruiting video is a necessity for all college recruits. Coaches stress the importance of a skills video as part of the evaluation process. For this reason, a highlight video is of the utmost importance.

Effective recruiting videos can showcase a recruit’s talent in just a few minutes. Varsity HD can work with you to produce a professional Hi-Def video that focuses on what coaches are looking for in your particular sport.

College Recruiting Videos

The Varsity HD Difference

The videographers at Varsity HD are professionals. We collect footage using only professional, broadcast quality HD cameras and top of the line audio equipment. We will come out to your sporting event to capture game play or, you can schedule a private shoot for a skills video. Better yet, combine them both.

When we show up to your event, we are there as professionals. We won’t let the excitement of the game get in the way of gathering great video! After we have collected the footage necessary for your project, we will ingest the digital content into our Mac editing workstations. During “post-production” we can tweak any issues with video and audio that may have occurred during the shoot.

During your personal skills video shoot we will work with your coach to ensure that we select the perfect pitches or the best batting shots for your recruiting video.

The finished product will be a professionally produced 3-5 minute video that will showcase your athletic abilities and/or game highlights. The video will be available for you to download and we will also provide 3 DVD’s for you to distribute.

The Varsity HD Package

  • Videos shot on broadcast quality HD equipment
  • Professional lighting (when needed)
  • Professional audio equipment
  • Professional editing
  • Videos provided for download
  • 3 DVD’s (Extra DVD’s available for purchase)
  • Athlete Bio page on Varsity HD website
  • Videos posted on, YouTube, Vimeo & Facebook
  • Highlight & recruiting packages
  • Skills videos
  • You Pick The Highlights
College recruitment videos

The Pros & Cons of Home Video

Some college athletes may decide a home made video will do for recruitment purposes. While Mom & Dad may be an option, there is one thing you need to remember; they are still Mom & Dad. Being the parent of two children (who both play sports) I understand completely what it means to be a sports parent. I also know that it’s difficult to stay focused on the camera when the game gets exciting.

For this reason you should consider the pros and cons of home video.

Pros of “Home Video”

  • It’s affordable
  • “Cameraman” availability
  • You pick the plays
  • Plenty of Game Footage

Cons of “Home Video”

  • Shaky Video
  • Excitement during the game. (See #1)
  • Video & Audio Quality
  • Lack of experience editing
  • No ability to update the video easily

Contact us to schedule your video shoot.